A Comprehensive Guide for Swimming on your Period

Guide for Swimming on your Period

“Competitors can’t bear to miss four days of swim training straight,” says Olympian Nisha Millet, Program Director of Nisha Millet Swimming Academy. “Since I’ve generally swum, I have consistently had customary cycles.” Even at her foundation, they don’t dishearten swimming for females on the off chance that they are on their period.”

While tampon advertisements demonstrating ladies wearing white skipping in a field can be somewhat senseless, they do make the audience think right. Although it would be great if they had a woman in a pool to demonstrate swimming on your period is completely fine. The general idea that there is no need for women to alter their usual schedule while on period should be normalized. Swimming can be perhaps the best highlight of summer, all things considered. There is no need to let a menstrual cycle prevent one from figuring out how to surf or show off your adorable bikini.

As indicated by the CDC, around 91 million individuals aging more than 16 swim in seas, lakes, or streams every year in the United States. Swimming is the fourth most well known recreational game in the U.S., following strolling, practicing with hardware, and outdoors. At least half of those 91 million were women who were swimming with periods.

Regardless of whether it is sea or pool, swimming on your period is ordinary, sterile, and safe — including from sharks. Menstrual pads are intended to retain the period blood. In any case, they likewise absorb water, so wearing one while swimming will not be an ideal scenario. Since most women worldwide find menstrual pads a convenient option, you can instead resort to the following alternatives for your day at the beach or pool.

Swimming on your period with a tampon on

Swimming on your period with a tampon on
Image: Healthline

Tampons are an incredible period item to wear while swimming. Just wear it generally like one would, put on the swimming suit, and jump in the water. A tampon stays good for about four to eight hours, so just in case if you are planning to spend an entire day at the beach, change the tampon more than once. Simply carry a couple of tampons and note where the washrooms are located.

Swimming with a menstrual cup

Wearing a menstrual cup is also an excellent way to deal with your periods and swim without any hassle.  For those who do not know what a menstrual cup is, it is a little, silicone cup that one can shove inside the vagina to gather period blood. At the point when the cup is removed, the blood voids into the toilet. You can then wash the cup in the sink, and re-embed it. Menstrual cups can be worn for as long as twelve hours, which is a longer duration than a tampon, and they can be reused, so they’re environment friendly.

Swimming with a menstrual disk 

Dispensable menstrual disks gather menstrual blood for as long as 12 hours — tally them, 12! So its a great option for swimming on your period

In contrast to pads and tampons, a menstrual disk adjusts to the state of every lady’s body, making them incredibly comfortable and convenient.  

The dispensable menstrual disk is body-protected and a suitable choice for women who wish to swim during their period. In addition to controlling excessive blood flow, it also helps in diminishing period smell.

No uneasiness, bothering, or secretive sensations! This item is FDA verified, OBGYN endorsed, and female established! It permits ladies to stay comfortable, liberated from stress over string occurrences, harmful stun, and leakage while swimming during their menstrual cycles.

Swimming during period – hygienic or unhygienic?

A Comprehensive Guide for Swimming on your Period

If you are using a tampon or a menstrual cup, no blood will contact the water unless there are any unprecedented breaks or leakages. However, if you find yourself inside a pool while you are on your period, very little blood will leave the body during your time in the water. Inherently no hygiene standards are compromised if you step into the pool during your menstrual cycle. The pool or sea will weaken any blood that does break, and pools contain chlorine to forestall infection.

Things being what they are, it is not dangerous to swim during the period. The water can, in reality, hinder the period (Yay!), and when utilizing an insertable item like a tampon or menstrual plate, blood is probably not going to come out and ruin the beach fun. So it is completely fine while swimming on your period.

Swimming while Cramps

Great news: research has demonstrated that swimming can help diminish period cramps! During high-impact practices like swimming, the body discharges endorphins. Endorphins go about as regular painkillers and can help reduce the disdain of menstrual cramps. Please do not overthink about your period pain and step right into the activity that can do you good while you are on your period. Menstrual cycles can be messy for some women, but taking upon a productive activity such as swimming is essentially a healthier practice than cramming pain killers.

Things to Bring while Swimming on your Period 

Things to Bring while Swimming on your Period

Do not forget to bring a water bottle as there is a chance that you will require water due to dehydration during your period. Hydration is influenced by estrogen and progesterone, hormones that alter your mood and behavior during the period. It implies that you must keep hydrating yourself on the highest priority, or else, you might turn crabby for all the blood loss.

An additional alert: Dehydration can hit swimmers hard. It is taken up because swimming will, in general, stunt the cerebrum into believing that the body is hydrated since one is surrounded by water.

Another significant thing that one ought to bring on the off chance that one intends to swim outside is an oil sunscreen. It is particularly significant if your skin is inclined to breakouts, since daylight and periods can induce eczema.

Getting attacked by sharks while swimming during the period

Actuality: Sharks couldn’t care less whether there is a period or not. However, the facts indeed demonstrate that blood attracts sharks. However, menstrual blood does not exclusively contain blood but constitutes bodily fluid, discharge from the uterus, and other elements. There is no proof that sharks are attracted to any of them.

Additionally, sharks aren’t pulled merely by the blood but the amino acids found in the blood. Those acids diffuse when they hit water. However, you can go swimming in a pool or a shallow lake where sharks are more reluctant to show up.

Advantages of Swimming during Period 

In addition to the fact that it is safe to swim during your period, it is likewise a smart thought if you want to get rid of your nasty menstrual cramps. Swimming, specifically, can be useful. Since the body is light in the water, there would not be any uneasiness or swelling that usually happens during the period. Doctors recommend easy non-swimming aquatic exercises since they are additionally useful in overseeing painful periods.

Swimming or other aquatic activities may be an extraordinary method to get pain and stress help during the period. Regardless of whether you are swimming at the beach or have planned an aquatic getaway with your friends, don’t let your period dictate how you will spend your day. Simply remember to pack a couple of extra tampons alongside your sunscreen.

From swimming to getting into a hot tub, it is fine to be in the water during the period. Not only is it completely safe, but it also tends to induce restoration too.

Myths about Swimming During the Period

Myths about Swimming During the Period
Image: Insider

A few ladies might be stressed over the danger of contamination from swimming in their periods. It is more than an entirely far-fetched theory and myth mainly when there are more chances of an individual contracting with any skin disease or stomach bug caused by gulping tainted water. Furthermore, chlorine is added to the water as a ground-breaking disinfectant.

Nonetheless, the stable sterilizing intensity of chlorine sometimes implies an aggravation among women with or without a period. Bothered vaginas are inclined to get obnoxious yeast diseases or even their more infuriating cousin, bacterial vaginosis.

You can maintain a strategic distance from this by scrubbing down your body after swimming to wash off the chlorine. Abstain from lounging around in a wet, chlorine drenched swimsuit to prevent severe infections.


Even though having a period isn’t generally the best inclination on the planet, there’s no purpose behind it to sideline any activity. There might be a great deal of torment and distress for the most part because of the cramps. Numerous ladies might not have any desire to take part in any action and prefer to be left alone and undisturbed. Regardless of whether your period sprung up amid a getaway or your companions planned a surprise pool trip, there are a few choices for available dealing with the menstrual cycle.

Be that as it may, engaging in physical activities like swimming is one way to take the psyche off the pain and agony. While there are many fitness myths, not swimming on your period is as ridiculous as it gets. Women well-being specialists suggest various activities that ladies can undertake while they are on their periods, including swimming for females.

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